Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Tax services and compliance are one of the most common reasons a business or individual looks for an accounting firm. From annual federal tax returns to quarterly business taxes and tax planning, the financial team at TaxGeeks, handles all matters related to tax compliance and provides comprehensive tax services to our business and individual clients alike. We provide these services for individuals and families, partnerships, corporations, trusts, estates, and charitable foundations. Our value-added tax planning ensures that our clients business and personal financial goals are kept in our line of sight.

Taxes can have a material impact on the bottom line of every business and personal financial decision you make. Our professionals maintain a high level of technical knowledge and proficiency in federal, state and local taxation matters through extensive training and constant monitoring of new and proposed legislative and regulatory developments. We alert our clients to new tax planning and tax saving opportunities as they arise, and work closely with our clients to modify their tax strategy as they grow and change.

TaxGeeks Team can handle of all your tax services and compliance needs including:
• Preparation and review of individual federal, state and local tax returns
• Preparation of federal business returns
• Assistance with calculating federal and state estimated tax payments
• Providing fast, efficient, cost-effective tax compliance processes
• Preparation of state and local returns including income/franchise, sales/use and property tax returns
• Preparation of Estate, Trust, and gift tax returns.

**Business Tax Services** (means make it bold and highlight)
The business and tax landscapes have changed significantly in the last decade, and the pace and complexity of that change continues to increase. We can help you navigate this shifting landscape and prepare your business for the future. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. It’s time that your business develops strong financial strategies to help navigate you through the 21st century.
TaxGeeks strives to be your trusted advisers, not once or twice a year when taxes are to be paid, but throughout the year looking out for your best interests, answering your questions and providing advice in hopes of keeping you organized, compliant and successful.

**Tax Compliance Services**
For high net worth individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, trusts, estates, retirement plans, and not-for-profit entities, we offer federal, state, and local tax return preparation as well as other tax compliance services. Our services cover all areas of federal and multi-state taxation and reporting. Our focus on service, dedication to accuracy and active client communication provides the foundation for our success.

You can be confident that the tax professionals at TaxGeeks have the best interests of you, your family and business at heart. Our team of accounting professionals is highly skilled and knowledgeable on the most up-to-date legislative and regulatory developments. We are dedicated to earning and maintaining our clients’ trust while providing quality tax services and compliance.

If you have questions about taxes due to a federal, state or local agency, or questions about how new tax regulations may impact your financial future, please call us today at 1-877-4TAXGEEKS (482-9433).