Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

When innovative technology and client service converge, new business solutions evolve. Our cloud-based, internet accounting solution simplifies — and revolutionizes — the experience of managing your company’s financial information. The built-in efficiencies of the solution allow you and your advisors to focus more time on strategies to help your business be profitable.

More robust than traditional accounting software products, our cloud accounting solution offers an innovative and unique alternative. You can easily integrate the general accounting functions of bill paying, payroll processing, financial reporting and paperless document storage. Everything from data input, to approvals and workflow, to financial analysis is available online and accessible from just about anywhere.

The virtual access our solution provides allows you and your advisors to collaborate more efficiently on strategic issues that impact the key drivers of your business, such as:

Financial statement analysis
Budgeting and forecasting
Business process efficiencies
Cash flow optimization

Cloud Accounting is Ideal for:

Service-based companies
Businesses with multiple owners and/or multiple offices (e.g., franchisors/franchisees, entrepreneurs, dentists and physicians)
Entrepreneurs with demanding schedules outside of the office
Family offices

Key Benefits (bullet list)

Simplify the accounting function via integrated accounting, bill pay and payroll solutions
Focus on growth and profitability
Customized “dashboard” view of vital statistics/metrics
In-depth collaboration with external advisors; more strategic advice
Remote access from any mobile device with an internet connection, such as smart phones or iPads
No software programs or “back-ups” to install or update; always working with latest technology
Optimized scalability for growing entities
Increased employee utilization; other cost savings and efficiencies
First step to becoming paperless
Uniform information from the top-down
Total data recovery and security protection.